Heartland Restoration Of Hebrew Roots Association

We greet you in the beautiful name of our wonderful Savior, Yeshua Ha Messiah, Jesus Christ. We have been impressed of our LORD to begin something completely new for our area of Northeast Arkansas, a study group designed to educate each of us in what the LORD is doing regarding His Hebraic Path. For too long the Body of our LORD has been fragmented and splintered by different views, beliefs, and denominations. I think most of us, hopefully all of us would agree that Jesus will return for a body that is whole and not split. He won’t come back just for the Baptists, Church of Christ, Methodists, non denomination, etc. etc. but it will be for us all who are saved by HIS atoning Blood.

We believe the LORD Is speaking very loud now through nature (catastrophes), global political and financial problems. It really is time for HIS Bride to come together. I believe most of you have experienced a great increase of questions concerning the Hebraic nature of our Christian faith. You have heard many in your congregations using Jesus’ Hebrew name, Yeshua. Many are wanting to know more of the Feasts of the LORD,( Pesach) Passover, (Shavuot) Pentecost, and (Sukkot) Feast of Tabernacles. There are many questions people are asking which can only be answered in a Hebraic way. Of course there are so many other rich things to experience together in the Body of Christ.

So our plan is to begin a group of those who want to know more of what the LORD is doing by HIS Hebraic plan. We will meet about once a quarter and hope to have very scholarly individuals who can give us very exciting information preparing us to understand what our Heavenly Father is doing in this time of “Restoration of all things” as spoken of in the Acts 3:21. These times to gather are for learning information we will all need in the very near future. We really hope you will come and check it out and see for yourself how GOD is moving now. Our very first meeting for Heartland Restoration of Hebrew Roots Association is January 7th 10:00am at Path 2 Restoration, 4301 West Kings Highway, Paragould, Arkansas. Dr. Doug Wheeler of Jubilee Christian College will be our speaker. Hope to see you there.

In His Great Love,
Dr. Benjamin Shadwick
Pastor Path 2 Restoration Ministries